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1) Please take the time to sign our online or print petition. If you are collecting signatures, be sure to mail in your sheets by October 16, 2010, so we can bring them to Parliament on Person's Day, October 18, 2010.

2) The Canadian Medical Association's (CMA) policy on induced abortion is based on "fetal viability" and "current medical knowledge" and was written in 1988. However, what we know about embryology and fetology has changed dramatically since 1988. Moreover, using viability as a measure of the humanity of the pre-born child is as ludicrous as belonging to the flat earth society in 2010. Fifty years ago viability was at 30 weeks. Twenty-five years ago it had dropped to 25 weeks. Today we have a survivor at 20 weeks and several at 21 weeks. We challenge the CMA to make a case for its claim that "the decison to perform an induced abortion is a medical one," in light of current embryological science and 21st century medicine.
Write to the CMA at:
Canadian Medical Asociation
1867 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 5W8
email: cma.ca

3) Take part in our poll questions? Go here to participate.

4) Sixty percent of Canadians believe human life should be protected before birth. Tell Prime Minister Harper to extend protection to the youngest member of the human family. Order our postcard today!

Establishing the personhood of the unborn does not mean we are ignoring the personhood of the mother.